Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am SEW getting the hang of this!

Last night was my 4th sewing class, and not only do I really like sewing, I think I am getting a good handle on it! Or in this class, a ZIPPER on it!  Last night we started and finished zippered pouches. Unlike my draw string bag, I DO know what I will use this for... Thus the colour choice.  I have officially completed a little pouch to carry a diaper or two and some of those wipe things that mom’s seem to use a lot. See... More evidence I am going to be a good (read: stylish) mom.

Cute huh? 

The next four class will be spent making our SKIRTS.  I already have had a little bit of a set back (well besides the fact I am going to be sewing a skirt that may or may not EVER fit me). Actually, that explains the set back... I bought the MOST GORGEOUS Amy Butler fabric EVER for my skirt. There are only a few of you that will appreciate that. For the rest, Amy Butler makes the most beautiful fabric patterns, but the girl DOES NOT give them away. Amen to that. Anyway... I can’t do it.  I can’t sew a skirt out of this fabric that might totally be a bust for several obvious reasons. (1) I really don’t know HOW to sew a skirt, so I had no business spending $100.00 on 3 YARDS of fabric, (2) I am growing inches by the day (or so it seems), so it might never fit me, (3) I may have made a classic sewers mistake and fallen TOO IN LOVE with my fabric and now can’t bear the thought of cutting it. For anything. 

So what to do... I am going to get different fabric for the skirt. Something less painful to play with for my first skirt (a skirt that just may not turn out, that I will likely have to rip multiple stitches out of as I learn to sew from a pattern and yes, that may never actually be worn by anyone).

Maybe I will make some gorgeous pillow covers out of the Amy Butler fabric.   I think the pillows would do wonders for our beige ultra suede couch. AND remind me of the approach of spring and summer. Sound good? Wish me luck...

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