Monday, February 1, 2010

Sew happy!

Tonight was my very first lesson at the sewing studio in Toronto. It made me happy. Sewwwwww happy!! The use of puns here IS intentional and a bit of a virtual hug to my husband who loves/abuses puns regularly. It’s pretty much his “thing”. And he deserves some love after a bit of a (ok…ok…a WAY) emotional weekend. But I don’t want to talk about that, cause tonight, I am sew happy!

I really think I am going to love this sewing thing. Tonight we learned pretty much just the basics, like how to turn a sewing machine off and on, what all the buttons etc are for, how to thread a sewing machine, a bit about fabric and a bias, and then we got to sew!! There is something about the accomplishment of sewing I think I am going to love. We are going to have two mini projects to complete in our 8 weeks, and one major. The major being a skirt for ourselves.

So, each week we’re assigned some homework that we can do outside of class, without a sewing machine. Our assignment this week… you ready for this? Is to take our measurements. Full stop. Breathe... We have to measure our bust, our hips, and our waist?!!! I kid you not. So... so much for sew happy.

Kidding. It actually kind of made me laugh. She could have asked me to do ANYTHING. ANYTHING other than take my measurements and I would have skipped out of that class. Sew excited to be doing something new, and something rewarding. And then she drops the "take your measurements" bomb. Anyway, I am over it. For now... until I actually take my measurements. Ha. Stay tuned. So once my measurements are done, I am going to TRY and tailor the project to a maternity skirt, if it’s just too complicated I will have to make a regular skirt for someone else, so guess what Steph’s getting for her birthday?! ☺ Shhhh. Don't tell her.

SUNSHINE UPDATE*****My LA trip has been booked. I leave Saturday morning… and I can hardly wait. It better be damn sunny in LA. Mamma needs some sunshine in her step.

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