Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's hear it for the BOYS!!!


I can't tell you how excited we are about meeting our little man in July!  Knowing what we're having as made a HUGE difference in how I feel about being pregnant and my excitement for meeting and loving our baby. Speaking of which... I slept like a baby over the weekend (HOORAYYYYYYYYYY), and really just have been smiling non stop. Smiling more than I have smiled in SUCH a long time. Once we knew, I immediately felt connected with the baby.  I am sure that's not the case for everyone... because personally I think our BIG SUPRISE was actually being pregnant. :) But knowing if it's a little boy or a little girl growing inside of my belly has definitely been a bit of a game changer for us. I am SO glad we found out. I can't wait!!

So what I did want to tell you, is that just before we found out that we are expecting a baby boy, I was telling people that the world seemed to be going through a little bit of a BABY BOY EPIDEMIC!!  But my girlfriend Jessica B. calmed my fears this weekend when she pointed out, that everyone SHE knows is actually having baby GIRLS, so I have relaxed a bit. The world will indeed be ok.  We will have enough males AND females to go around for the next generation. :) Whew.

But just for fun... Check out the below list for illustration of my point. These are the bouncing baby boy arrivals that just I KNOW OF in the last year, or are DUE to arrive in the next year...

Damon Fish – Born June 2009
Cole Diotte Hume - Born June 2009
Dylan Walker – Born July 2009
Cohen Randall – Born September 2009
Owen Nobes – Born October 2009
Eero Lotan – Born October 2009
Adrian Stanghetta – Born October 2009
Caleb Killeen – Born November 2009
Niall Gibson Lundrigan – Born November 2009
Bennett Armstrong – Born December 2009
Liam O’Kane – Born January 2010
Levi Blais – Born January 2010
Kohl Wilson – Born February 2010
Baby Boy Gagnon (Lou’s newphew) Born February 2010

Baby Boy Wood – Due 2010
Baby Boy Lundrigan Falls – Due 2010
Baby Boy Fenech – Due May 2010
Baby Boy Giles – Due July 2010
Baby Boy Shaughnessy – Due July 2010

That’s 19 boys!! Just of people I know!!! And I have other friends and family pregnant who don't even know yet what they're having!! Those male genes are indeed healthy!! OR 09/10 is just the year of the BOY!  So all of you wanting to have one, better get at it,  RIGHT NOW! Just sayin'.

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