Sunday, January 17, 2010

Peter’s birthday with his baby +1

If opposites truly do attract, than you need look no further for evidence than my husband’s (Peter) love of a cold, crisp and bright winter day (being a winter baby), and my love for the EXACT opposite (being a summer baby).

January 16th, marked Peter’s 33rd birthday and we did what most people in Toronto do when they need to celebrate something combined with needing some down time, and we went out of town!

What does one that loves the bitter (or in Peter’s words – crisp) beauty of winter; want to do on their birthday? Well go to the beach obviously?!?! Peter’s baby +1 (who coincidentally is also going to be a summer baby) were incredibly thankful for a relatively mild weekend. Although, temperatures drop a shocking amount the closer you get to any beach in mid January. FYI.

Peter’s birthday celebrations kicked off with one of our favourite past times… a delicious lazy brunch, followed by browsing through record shops on Queen Street. We then headed east to Cobourg (Peter’s home town) and checked ourselves into a little cottage on Lake Ontario called The Breakers. We had a wonderful dinner in town and a cozy evening back at the Inn. We slept well, we played outside in the fresh "crisp" air, and we got to visit a new restaurant which is partly owned/operated by some of Peter’s friends.

And today was supposed to be my big surprise, but unfortunately it was foiled by the mild weather I had been so thankful for the day before. I wanted to take Peter to this old outdoor rink, call Cedarena to go for an afternoon skate! It's an old outdoor rink that was built in the 1920s that is just outside of Toronto. They play music from the 40s and 50s, couples skate hand in hand like old times and they even serve hot chocolate and hot apple cider, perfect for Peter! But… alas, the mild temperatures we have been getting here in Toronto wouldn’t have it. So what did we do instead? Well, the only thing to do! We were off to see some wonderful country music at the Communist Daughter on Dundas West. No skate... but I think the beer and music made up for it.

This was Peter’s first birthday as a husband, and next year will be his first as a dad. Today we wondered out loud how different this weekend will be next year, with our 6 month old! Time will tell us that, in the meantime, we both are growing more excited to become parents. On the conclusion of Peter’s birthday weekend, I should also mention how wonderful of a dad Peter is going to be. That I know. Happy Birthday Peter. xoxox

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