Sunday, January 24, 2010

Banana Pancakes

This morning my wonderful husband made his baby +1 banana almond pancakes for breakfast. An amazing beginning to a wonderfully lazy and mild Sunday. I had to post a picture of the Peter put them down in front of me he announced he had made them in the stages of the baby's size growth. How cute it that?!? It reminded me of something that has also been on my mind as of late. That men go through pregnancy too. I know... what a revelation. It's something that a girlfriend and I (who is also pregnant) have discussed a few times recently. Our worlds, our lives, our bodies and most definitely our brains, have undoubtedly changed... and if we're honest, it's quite easy to forget that so have the lives of our partners. Even before the baby arrives, life as we BOTH have known it, has changed. Sounds sort of dramatic, but it's true. I am not exactly the same person I was a few months ago (aside from the obvious things like my growing stomach). So if I am not the same... WE are not the same.

So today I am thankful for a partner who through all of the changes in his own world, kisses me and my belly in the morning and says I love you, addresses me as his baby + 1 because he acknowledges there is two of us here, walks to the corner store for dill pickle chips when I ask, gives me back massages, comes to all our doctors appointments with keen interest, reads parenting books at night, and is committed to a plan of where and how we want to raise our family together.

Oh... and who makes REALLY good banana pancakes. xoxo

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