Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby’s got back

My energy back! What did you think I meant?

HOORAY! My doctor PROMISED me this would happen when I started my second trimester and I will be honest; I was planning to hold her to it. I am REALLY happy to tell you that I am back! My breasts aren't quite as tender and are feeling less and less like foreign objects to me, my energy level is WAY better, I even made it to the GYM THIS MORNING AT 6AM! And probably best of all, I don’t feel like I want to be sick or that I have to pee constantly anymore!!! Picture me now giving you a virtual high five. So, my body is officially starting to think, “don't worry mamma, brighter days are here to stay and the sun will indeed come out tomorrow”. Well, not so fast baby. What’s with my inability to sleep at night??? This is not supposed to happened until my THIRD trimester? Everything I am reading says the second trimester is supposed to be the “HONEYMOON” phase of pregnancy? Perhaps because I am JUST at week 14 I just need to be more patient for that ‘love n feelin’ to arrive. I want that 'love n feelin' NOW dammit!

I’ll give it the weekend.

Until then, (and despite this obnoxious insomnia), I am going to take advantage of my returned energy and start catching up on things I haven’t been able to bring myself to do these last few months. And perhaps it’s also time to take our Christmas tree down.

Attached are some pictures of the ornaments I made as Christmas presents for some of our family and friends as a special way to announce our growing little peanut (which is now a lemon, but as Peter pointed out, it makes the baby sound sour). Oh... and I also told some of my girlfriends with these fun little cupcakes! I didn't make the cupcakes. Stephanie was the only one that got the baking gene in our family.

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