Monday, January 25, 2010

Challenge #2 - Nesting

When I was home over the Christmas holidays I had an interesting conversation with one of my sister’s friends (who also is pregnant) about a pregnant woman’s “nesting instinct”. I found the idea fascinating, because I had never really heard anyone talk about this before. She described her own urge as she hit her third trimester to clean, to organize and to BAKE! To bake and bake and bake!!! In my head I kind of scoffed at the idea. I like to cook, but I have never been a baker, nor did I think any amount of pregnancy hormone could possibly have me up at night pulling fresh bread and tarts from my oven. Walking to a bakery at night maybe, baking it myself... Never would you see the day. Anyway, at the time of that conversation, I was really just finishing my first trimester and just carrying my dishes from my table to the sink was A LOT for me.

So I googled it. Like I have done just about every day of my pregnancy, as I encounter something else I have never experienced, never heard of, or hear things that just flat out shock or scare me. So, it’s apparently true... many pregnant women experience the nesting instinct, “a powerful urge to prepare their home for the baby by cleaning and decorating. Or perhaps tackling projects you haven't had time to do.”

Well, I think IT'S HAPPENING TO ME! Given I have no permanent home to really start decorating for the baby yet, (we’re moving before July), what I HAVE been doing is slowing cleaning... organizing and I think the most SHOCKING of which is this weekend, I bought a ROLLING PIN!!! AND I USED IT!!! Yup, I officially have no idea who I am anymore. I bought a rolling pin, made dough, and rolled Peter his favourite pizza on the weekend. I am turning into my sister right before my very OWN eyes (which isn’t a bad thing), it’s just sort of wild.

And here is the other thing... I signed myself up for SEWING LESSONS. And I am REALLY excited about them. As of February 1st, I am taking an 8 week program at the Sewing Studio in Toronto.

I will have 16 hours of sewing instruction and at the end of it, I will be able to sew. Sew sew sew!!! I will sew stuff for our baby. Because, our baby won’t judge the quality of it. HA!

Anyway, so I am nesting. And, if it wasn’t apparently perfectly NORMAL in pregnancy, I would say it’s flat out CRAZY!

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