Sunday, January 29, 2012

Three Days

In just three very short days we get the keys to our new home and what I feel is our new life.


Peter and I spent the entire weekend in Toronto packing what is left of our belongings, and purging the things we don't need to have make the 425km move to Martin Street.  With the exception of a few odds and ends and a bit of a clean up, we're ready. I would love to tell you that I am all emotional about all of this, that this feels like this pivitol moment in time that is going to change the course of our lives forever...  And as much as all of that is true (albeit dramatic), I am just not feeling it anymore.

Maybe it has been the incredibly slow build to this move, the weeks and weeks and weeks of  anticipation. Or maybe it was the time Rory and I spent alone in Toronto together (read - exhaustion) that has made Baltic Avenue day by day feel less and less like "home".  Or maybe it's been the most recent week I spent alone (by myself) in Toronto finishing up work that really made the "readiness" sink in.  But it IS time.  We're more than ready for this new life.   The sale on Martin Street closes February 1st, and Baltic Avenue closes February 6th,  so close you can almost taste it. 

Today Rory, Peter and I drove around Almonte in our family car all together for the first time since Christmas. Not us being together, but just enjoying some weekend sunlight together since xmas. It's that nuts?  Something normal and fun made this town already feel like home. Now we just need the house keys.

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