Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saying goodbye to Baltic Ave

The "move" has finally begun. Stage one of it anyway. Rory is now tucked safely into Almonte at my mom's, and it's just me here now finishing up work, making a few last obstetrician appointments AND... packing. Ugh. Even though I despise packing, and given how much "stuff" we've accumulated since having Rory, it seems that much more daunting...  I know the excitement over this next step for our little family will get me to the finish line. It will. It will.

It had better. I best be getting out to get some boxes tomorrow.

Until then, I thought it would be fun to post the professional shots that were taken of the house when it was listed.  In so many ways we are actually so so sad to leave this house. Our first home together... Rory's first home. This is where we have started our family together. BUT... one door closes and another opens, literally. And as someone beautifully put it once, a house is not a home.

As we say good-bye over the next few weeks to Baltic, I know we're going to be SO happy as we make our home on Martin Street. But saying goodbye is never easy.

So this is the splendor that has been Baltic Avenue. We put so much time and love into this little house of ours. The good thing is, we get to take all that love with us and put it into our new home.

A happy happy family lived here and we hope all that love and happiness gives the new owners the same peace and calm we've had here together.

This picture was take in April of 2010, when we bought the house!

October 2011
Our beautiful floors and reno'd kitchen. 
We had so many compliments on the work we did on the house. 
I have to admit, for our first reno together it did turn out pretty awesome AND we learned a TON.
Rory's First Bedroom!
Basement Playroom
The reno'd deck that daddy worked so hard on to make safe for Rory and his 1st birthday celebration!
xoxo Baltic Avenue, you'll make another family just as happy. We know it.

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