Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winding things down

Just a few more days of work!  I really don't feel like this whole move has sunk in until this week... I am alone here in Toronto finishing up/packing up and feeling a little lonely actually.  Nothing a massage and pedicure won't fix right?  Lonely but a bit more calm. It's amazing what a couple of nights of mediocre sleep has done for me. But it's time... we're ready to get our family back living under one roof. Our roof.  17 days until the trucks pull out from Baltic Avenue moving our life with it.

Today I had my 30 week OB appointment and all is well with baby. The Baby; (who is the size of a rather large squash), is no longer lying transverse but breech. Keep on turning kid!

I can't help but wondering what the next 10 weeks will bring us. So many changes and new things are ahead. Exciting and a bit terrifying but all heading towards a life goal that is SO good.

A good friend of mine just went back to work after mat leave, and the other night I drove by her husband waiting outside his office to be picked up. It was 6:00pm.  It broke my heart a bit. It broke my heart because somewhere across the city from where they were meeting to start their commute home, their 11 month old daughter was waiting.  They too are from Ottawa and want to make the move happen for their family.   That exact scene has been our life, except Rory has been in the car with us.

If I have learned one thing as a mom, it's that absolutely nothing can replace the value of having family close when you have kids.  I have been so lucky to find the amazing mom friends that I have here in Toronto. They made my first year with Rory incredible, and manageable, and so much fun... but I am looking forward to knowing what it feels like to have family close (sisters, and grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends I have known my whole life),  as we welcome another child into our lives and the world and watch/help Rory grow into a little boy.

I am excited to have our village.

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