Monday, January 9, 2012

Blades of Rory

A very mild weekend in Toronto inspired us to get Rory out on skates for the very first time!  Like everything else we do for the first time, this was a learning experience for everyone!!   We headed out to one of Toronto's many outdoor skating rinks and all in all, we had some good laughs and there were lots of smiles.  

Rory LOVED the skating part of our excursion and got the hang of the gliding movement pretty quickly,  but without a doubt was NOT a fan of the helmet that is part of the skating deal. Thus the soother in most of the pictures... TOTAL FREAKIN' MELT DOWN when that thing was put on his head. 

And poor daddy did his very best to stay out as long as possible, but with mommy sitting sidelines only able to take pictures at this stage of pregnancy... his poor back and neck took the brunt end of the outing. 

Not that I am one of those moms who talks/thinks about their kid one day being in the NHL. But I couldn't help thinking that it would be SO funny to show a picture like this one day if they did.  The soother just kills me. 
So much for being a tough hockey player.


  1. or is that, "Blades of Rory"????? love you two, see you soon (although not soon enough) xo

  2. Ha ha. You're always better about names and subjects than me. I changed it! Love u.