Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thanking about baby

My mom commented over the Christmas holidays that our baby #2 hasn't really gotten their fair share of blog time.  It was an innocent comment, but it made me a bit sad. It's true... I can't really easily explain the reason why I haven't journaled about every stage of my pregnancy, but what I can say is how VERY excited we are about our growing family addition. We are talking about names quite frequently now, and I think we're happier to have kept the gender of this little one a secret.  There really is something pretty special about that.

I think I comment every day now how strong this little person is.  Maybe I have forgotten what 28 weeks felt like in my first pregnancy, but these kicks feel POWERFUL for this stage!  Powerful and plentiful actually. So strong and so frequent that I have actually wondered if there is any possible way I could be carrying TWINS!!???  From the research I have done online though... mistakes like that seem to have been long eliminated with extremely good sonogram machines.  Nevertheless, I have another ultrasound Friday to confirm once more that there is just one little baby in there and get a full status update on our little ones health and growth.

So far, I am actually feeling pretty good albeit tried, achey and sleepless. I now have to go to the bathroom a couple of times a night and feel just restless in general at night when I should be sleeping. In good news, the severe nausea I experienced in my first/second trimester is a distant memory and since I started sleeping on my side with the pregnancy pillow Peter bought me in round one, my back feels much better.

So, the real big news as we kick January off, is that this month has brought my third trimester and made our move to the Ottawa Valley just weeks away.  Moving 'home' before we had Rory was all I wished for, and here we are now making that dream come true.

I am so blessed to have the husband I do, and to be given the opportunity to raise our family is this beautiful home, surrounded by amazing friends and family, and in an incredible town.

While Rory and I traveled back to Toronto yesterday, Peter spent some time in what will be our new home in the afternoon.  I was excited to hear that it's even better than he remembered. I can't wait to make it ours.

One day very soon we will be opening this door to welcome family and friends into our new home and to meet this little one bouncing around inside. 

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