Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

In a blink of an eye Christmas is over and we are a couple of days into the New Year!!   I will be honest, it wasn't my favourite Christmas.  It was a long December for us, and the holidays spent living in someone elses home with an 18 month old, pregnant, and exhausted... was hard.  I just can't wait until next year when we will finally be in our valley home and for the very first time be able to just be at our own house through the holidays.

I know I haven't blogged at all about the "BIG MOVE" yet.  It really has been out of fear of someone finding my blog that shouldn't. I've made it private with the intention to use it for a while for what it really was always meant to be.  My personal journal of our family life.

So yea, December was long.  Our poor little family doesn't know heads from tails right now.  Rory and I spent most of the month of December alone here in Toronto with Peter traveling back on weekends because he started his new job at the beginning of the month. So we were all exhausted and each out of sorts in our own way. Thankfully, once we all actually did arrive in Almonte, we didn't have a lot of traveling to do and played all "plans" by ear for most of the holidays.

Rory is just too much fun these days and is saying so many more words,  and/or at least tries to say/repeat almost everything we ask him to. It's hilarious. He can point out most of his body parts, has a few animal sounds in his repertoire and with the new kitchen from gram and grumps we're working on all the fruits and veggies.  I think at 18 months he was still to young to "get" Christmas this year but he loved the lights and the decorations. And candy. Oh, and he knows Santa says HO HO HO and who Frosty is! :) Our routine before xmas was to get home from daycare/work, and I would plug in the xmas tree and I would say "are you ready???" and then he would clap and say YAY!!!! as the lights came on.

Here are a few snapshots from this year's xmas.

Jenna and Rory Christmas Eve
Jenna & Peter Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve Pajamas!
My what changes happen in a year! Rory is tackling Jenna this year!
Daddy's first Christmas Eve Toy Set Up! The new kitchen from Gramma and Grumpa
Finished Assembly Awaiting Christmas Morning Smiles!
Christmas Morning! Excited about my new tool table from Santa!
Some new Christmas books... taking time out for a read.
And lots of visits with cousins!

SNOW! You love it!!! If only you would keep your mitts on!!
Back to Toronto!! Keeping you happy on the 401 jaunt with a chocolate milk.


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