Friday, January 6, 2012

Well hello baby!

Yesterday I had an ultra sound at the 28 week marker.  We didn't have an ultrasound at this stage with Rory and Oh my god... how amazing it is.  Honestly, they say everything happens for a reason and it has been a rough week. I needed something THIS uplifting.  The truth is that I've been feeling really beaten since Christmas, I actually felt a bit beaten through Christmas, and maybe even a bit sorry for myself.  Or a lot sorry for myself. Exhaustion and lack of sleep is doing weird things to me...

Anyway, yesterday was a full day of pregnancy related appointments and the grand finale was this very special ultra-sound.  A very young and enthusiastic technician came to greet me in the waiting room, and she was super talkative during my scan.  I was able to ask her tons of questions.  So fantastic. It's amazing how the person actually doing your ultrasound can totally change your experience.

They called this ultrasound a sizing and dating scan and everything checked out great!!  Our baby is healthy and happy in there, despite currently lying in the transverse position (which means sideways and causing me a lot of discomfort grief) and measuring slightly larger at 29 weeks.  Anyway, what made this ultrasound SO amazing and SO special is that I actually was able to see our little baby's face! It is a bit hard to decipher in the image below, but on the screen and in the actual print it's clearer.  Hello little person!!  We can't wait to meet you!  You all of the sudden feel very real to me and I know it's crazy to say, but I think you kind of look like your brother already! HA!

So, on another note... I've made the decision to start winding things down here at work. My last day will be the 20th of January. I am just so so so tired. In my first pregnancy I wanted to work up until the day I delivered, but not this time around. We just have so much on our plate and THAT, combined with mothering our amazing little guy Rory who is so fantastically busy, and actually doing my job full time... is just a lot. Right now... it's too much and physically and emotionally taking a toll I am not comfortable with. I don't want to push myself to the point where my health fails again and it effects the little person I have growing inside.

I think some time to focus on our family, my health and getting us all settled into a new home is what the doctor is ordering. :)

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