Thursday, February 2, 2012

New kid on the block

Look out Martin Street, there is a new kid on the block!

Yesterday we FINALLY got the keys to our new house, and I took Rory for his first glimpse of the place we will be calling home. From the amount of laughter and squealing as he ran from room to room with his cousins, I can safely tell you that the place was a BIG hit.

There was a lot I didn't remember about the house, as is often the case when a house actually becomes YOURS.  One thing I was particularly grateful for yesterday, was the big doors that close off many of the rooms. Gosh, this house is ENORMOUS compared to our little cozy home in Toronto.
SO. MANY. PLACES for my child to RUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

T-2 days until moving day!
Coming in the front porch with aunt Stephanie
Checking out the back staircase
Dancing with my cousins in my NEW ROOM!
I think I am going to like it here!
I am just wide-eyed with possibilities of places that I can run to Gram

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