Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cousin Play-Dates!

The greatest part about living close to family... play-dates.! Today in fact, it saved my sanity.  Entertaining a 20 month old who is more "two" than 20 months these days, while this pregnant, is definitely exhausting.  If I didn't master "sleeping when your child sleeps" during my mat leave, I am certainly getting the hang of it now.  With that said,  I am SO glad to have this time with Rory.  

The weather is finally getting nicer... the grass is starting to peek through the snow (as I write this we're expecting 10cm tonight - haha).  We had a great day  playing with cousin Nate. Rory is only a head shorter than his older cousin now.  It's going to be so fun to watch these two grow together.

A few more shots of us enjoying the new house... on our front porch.

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