Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby on the way

So I've had like 3 hours sleep in 72 hours.. so you can only imagine how crazy town it is over here.  I curse like a sailor and cry my eyes (simultaneously), at the drop of a hat. So basically let this be your warning... watch your mouth, and get out of my way because I am a mamma on a sleep deprived mission.  I spend my days readying for this new baby, chasing the child I have, and nights trying to get that same child to sleep. God help me. And him. He's now been warned that I make the rules here, and this 'up all night crap' will indeed come back to haunt his life when he wants to do something like borrow the car,  or borrow five dollars, or be removed from his crib tomorrow morning.

With that off my chest, I can happily tell you that I am SO amazed by the doctors and hospital staff here in Almonte. They have dashed any concern that I wouldn't get the same (or WAY better) care than I did at one of Toronto's biggest hospitals. AND... they are all just SO nice. They take the time to explain things they don't have to, they don't rush me out of appointments, they pleasantly chat with me while taking pints of blood from my body, and they spend extra time showing me things during ultra-sounds that are totally unnecessary just because they think, I will think, it's cool.   Speaking of ultra-sounds... I had my first 4-D ultra-sound on Saturday. It.was.so.amazing.  I basically got to see my child's face and his/her little arm curled up beside their face.  Sleep deprived and all. It made me smile and cry (without cussing).

So, here's the real shocker. I had a doctor's appointment today, and I am already starting to dilate. Whatever that means right?  That discovery was promptly followed by a discussion reminding me about the stages of labour, and handing me some pink piece of paper (which I probably should read) to take to the hospital with me SHOULD I go into labour this weekend. For real.   Now that I wrote that though I probably won't have the baby until April.  In other good news, I somehow lost 4lbs between this week and last.  No sleep and toddler mayhem will do that I guess.


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