Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good-Bye January Blues

For whatever reason, January has been a bit of tough month here on 42 Baltic Avenue. Lots of colds and teething fevers, and then me with these stupid chest pains. Thankfully, I think we have gotten to the bottom of those and it's really nothing too serious (hopefully)... just a pain. Literally. Maybe just the reminder I needed that I need to stay on top of my own health.

My mom has been visiting now for a week. What a difference having an extra set of hands to help with Rory makes. A gramma's love, attention, and special way of playing and caring for their child's child is truly irreplacable. I'll say it again, I wish we lived closer. One day.

As we sit waiting for what is supposed to be the biggest storm to hit Toronto in a few years, I am excited that a new month has begun. For whatever reason, I sort of like the month of February. And this year in particular because Peter and I are taking a holiday. Alone. Just for a few days. We have no idea where.  Maybe, somewhere quiet, somewhere peaceful like the townships in Quebec, or maybe New York City so we can do the exact opposite. Who knows.  I guess we should figure that out.

So what did January bring?   I swear to God Rory is starting to make sounds that sound like actual words. I can definitely make out "hi", and just this week I am pretty sure I can make out the beginnings of "mama" and "dada". Today he was talking up a storm.

Thanks to Gramma, Rory now stands constantly. It's his "new" thing. He pulls himself up and stands with this huge grin on his face. 

Given we're swimming twice a week, Rory has become a little FISH in the water. He even has taken to belly boarding in the bath with Daddy.

And, I also think I am getting a lot more attitude than I have EVER seen from my happy little boy. I am distinctly told these days about Rory's likes and dislikes.  Or shown.  Here's Rory just today when he tried fish for the first time.  Once he decided it was a definite DISLIKE, he pulled his bib over his face (see below) until I removed the fish from the table.  Should 7 month olds be this cheeky?

So definitely not a cooking win with the fish-carrot combo.

And finally... NOT on a baby note, our new harvest table that we had made has finally arrived!! YAY!

I am absolutely in LOVE with it, and the bench that was made to go with it. It was made from salvaged barn beams that are about 160 years old.  7 ft of gorgeousness.  It's made my month.

I can't wait to have our first dinner party. Once I find some chairs.

Happy February!

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