Thursday, February 3, 2011


I woke up this morning to the distinct sounds of Rory talking into the monitor and repeating over and over again - dadadadadadadada.  Aside from "hi", dada is clearly Rory's first sound. While I know he isn't associating the sound with his actual dada, it's super fun to hear him putting sounds together.  Part of me definitely wishes his dadadadada sounded more like mamamamam. But I know that will come in time, and perhaps I will wish he was once again calling for his dadadadadadadada.

Like in the middle of the night for instance.

Anyway, want to know what isn't fun?  What isn't fun is that my son seems to be forming a rather disgusting habit of POOPING while we SWIM!!!

Rory has never once pooped in the bath, so this really has come as a bit of a shock. But for the last TWO weeks in a row, Rory has pooped while in the pool. GROSS!  The pools we're taking classes in are kept at almost bath like temperatures (85-87 degrees), but it can't be that much different from his bath at home?  Can it? Maybe it's the length of time we're spending in the pool?   Whatever it is... I have had to "reinforce" our swimming attire. The babies are supposed to only wear a cloth diaper swim suit like a Kushies swimsuit diaper. How the cloth swim diapers are supposed to hold everything in is really beyond me?  So even though we're not supposed to, I have started wearing a Huggies little swimmer as well. What else is there to do?  Any suggestions?

One thing is for certain, Rory is VERY comfortable in the water these days. I am sure the rest of my diaper fit class may say a bit TOO comfortable?!

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