Friday, February 4, 2011

Lil' Bean N' Green

Well going for coffee with my mom friends just took on a whole new life.

Let me introduce you to the Lil' Bean N' Green. My newest find and yet another ode to the ever so clever pro-baby/parent movement in this city. Thank you to the people who get that being a parent isn't easy, and sometimes just simple things make a big difference. These days for us, baby friendly places make a big difference, you know, so we don't have to give up just about everything we used to enjoy.

Leslieville's Lil' Bean N' Green, is a super cool baby and kid friendly java joint fully equipped with a play yard, an organic menu that accomodates mom & baby as well as the picky kid, change stations equipped with wipes and diapers is all sizes (in case you forgot yours), and live music.

And it's rammed.  And it's a gold mine. And I should open one in my neighborhood immediately.

Lil' Bean N' Green is the brainstorm of three friends who saw the apparent need for a place to recharge while their offspring had room to roam. What they have built is a big bright room with an adult space at the front, and a rubber-floored area at the back complete with a treehouse, swings, slides and mountains of cool toys. Oh and they also have a schedule for read-alongs, puppet shows, baby dance classes, arts and crafts, yoga and baby CPR. And you can book the whole place for 450$ for a birthday party and get a whole buffet of food, drinks and loot bags included.

Brillant. And their lattes are good too.

In all honestly, Friday was a bit of baby gong show in there (I might suggest a liquor license would be a good idea with so many babies and children together in that space), but apparently it's quieter on other days.

Rory and his buddies had an awesome time regardless.

Tree House

Sitting in the great seats attached to the harvest table

Playing in the great swings

And slides
Cool Toys

Best Buds
Happy Friday!

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  1. Hi there! I'm Meray, one of the owners of lil' bean. Thank you so much for writing this and helping support us. I was googling and came upon your page. I am so happy that you and the little ones enjoyed yourselves.:)