Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making the good outweigh the bad

So... we're back. And while our first holiday away from Rory was not at all what we dreamt of, I had a great reminder yesterday that in any strong relationship, the good times have to outweigh the bad.

And they always do with Peter.

So even though our trip away was longer and MUCH more expensive, and at times pretty stressful...there were lots of good moments.  Notwithstanding; Peter's flu bug, the cold I got immediately upon departure, our broken down car and total expense of tows, cabs, new parts and labour and a rental car, getting stranded in Quebec for two extra days, and the idiots from Mazda and CAA.

Oh, and Rory absolutely LOVED staying with his gramma and grumps and cousins and aunts and uncles in Almonte. He was well taken care of, and we were given big smiles and laughs and kisses when we returned.

The Eastern Townships of Quebec are absolutely breathtaking, and the people there make it even more beautiful. We drove through and visited some of the most beautiful small towns in Canada, I am sure of it. And were treated like gold at Auberge Quilliams. If you're looking for a picturesque place to spend some quiet time, you will love it there. Oh and the food is incredible. 

And Montreal wasn't that bad either. I think though that once and for all I have figured out that I definitely need OUT of a big city to recharge and relax.

With all that said, it feels SO good to be home. Sometimes that is the best part of being away, appreciating the comforts of home that much more. 

The absolutely stunning - Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal 

Rainy Montreal. The sun came out as soon as we decided to get out of dodge.
The Beautiful EasternTownships in Quebec. I didn't take nearly enough pictures. We obviously are blaming the car breaking down.

The view from our room.
 The incredible food, drink and sweets in Quebec. And Peter and I aren't even dessert people.
A horse drawn affair in Dunham, Quebec. The first proclaimed township (1796).
This is the only picture we took of us together.

Oh a brighter note, we bought a new car while we were in Ottawa. :)

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  1. i love you beautiful. let's get some rest now that we're home. ;)