Friday, February 11, 2011

Making going back to work pretty sweet

Today Rory and I are going into my office so that I can talk to HR and my boss about returning to work. I was up at 4am, I am nervous. Weird eh?  I guess there comes a time when all us new moms have to reconcile our new life as a mom with our old life as a career girl... or at least plan to. I am just not sure if I am ready.

Anyway, I am not going back until the beginning of June (well that's the plan today) so why fret about it now right?

And... I am bringing some reinforcements to "sweeten" my visit and conversations today.

If these don't work....

I am sure this little heartbreaker will get me what I want.... :)

Listen.... give my mommy a break ok, who would want to leave me?


  1. the best photos the world has seen yet.

  2. I would give you what you wanted if you brought those cupcakes!

    Okay, the kid is cute too!