Friday, January 28, 2011

Just sleep please

One of my doctor mommy blogger friends posted a great article on sleep this morning.

The article reinforces some of the best advice I was given as a new mom, from two of my favourite moms (thanks Emily & Stephanie!).  The advice was simple...

Every baby is different and you're the mom. Do what is right and what works for you and your baby.  

The sleep equation is hard to figure out. I know Peter and I have spent endless nights trying to mimic exactly what we have done the night before in hopes Rory would repeat the same glorious stretch of uniterrupted slumber. It has never worked. And just when you do figure the sleep thing out (or better said - your baby decides all on their own they will sleep longer and learns to self soothe), it changes. Stupid teeth.

Sleepless nights make for extremely tough days, adding a whole lot of pressure and guilt that never makes anything easier.  Check the article out if you need a little reinforcement that you're doing right by your baby.  Whatever works, works. And then have a glass of wine. In my experience it really is the ONLY thing that does help. :)

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