Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A mommy mis-diagnosis

So... Rory is sick. His teeth could indeed be bothering him as well, but as it turns out the majority of his symptoms are from a virus he has picked up. Today... almost immediately after I blogged about his teeth I started to notice a rash all over his tummy and back and face. He had fallen asleep in my arms and as he moved his hand to my face, I was alarmed at how hot it felt. I immediately took his temperature and it was up over 102.3!! So with a racing heart I called our pediatrician. Closed. I then called tele-health and was told there was a 15 minute wait to speak to a nurse, so I left my number and someone called me back. In the meantime, I got a hold of Peter, he took a cab home to meet us and off we went to find a doctor.

So it's a virus... he could have picked it up anywhere and there is not a lot they can give him. Our job is just to watch him closely, keep him comfortable, keep him hydrated, and do what we can to manage his fever with cool baths and Tylenol. Poor Rory. :(

What this all says is... the books are right. A temperature isn't something doctors are willing to call a "normal" symptom for teething because, case in point, a temperature can mean a lot of other things. Watch your babies closely, and hug them tight.

No swimming for us tomorrow. Oh well, we can get diaper fit when Rory feels better. xo

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