Monday, January 24, 2011

Seven Months

Rory turned SEVEN months on the weekend and we've got a whole lot of celebrating going on here!

Aside from the safe arrival of our little friend Griffin Patrick...

We're celebrating that at 7 months, Rory's first two teeth (that decided to cut through simutaneously)... are almost up.
Thank God.

Rory is also creeping everywhere and very close to a crawl, and has officially starting pulling himself up on things (not sure if we really want to celebrate that).

And we're celebrating that we can finally talk about the new baby cousin that is on the way for Rory! Yeah Sarah and Chad!!

And.... just tonight we received some other BIG celebration news from two friends. But we can't tell you about one. Yet.... but it's FANTASTIC news for great friends of ours. So excited!  The other I am sure is up for celebration publically - Congrats MLG on your promotion and new category!

All this wonderful news is certainly making this cold weather seem warm!


Rory Seven Months Old

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