Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A family vacation

So, what does one do when they return to the working world after mat leave?  Start planning a vacation of course!   Which is exactly what we’re in the midst of.  We’re thinking September.  I am already counting down. Because I am pathetic.

So, we learned a lot from our last vacation debacle and the gist of it is....When you have kids, and are exhausted, and have very HIGH (and sometimes different) expectations for a vacation... It’s best not to over commit, and better to be as honest as possible about what you want out of the vacation.  Because life is busy. And holidays are meant to slow it down.

So after a lot of discussion, we are heading east. To the ocean.  To sand, sun, open roads, quiet villages, endless beach front, amazing seafood and even nicer locals. Want to come?  Who wouldn’t.

So, where to go?  We’ve been debating Peggy’s Cove vs. Cape Cod?  What would you do?  Either way I think we’re getting the best of the east coast and have been told September is it's best kept secret.  Not too busy, and perfect weather.  Peter’s vote is to stay in Canada. I am on the fence.  And when I am on the fence, I like to prep for both in case I change my mind at the last minute. Because we all know I am famous for changing my mind.  We’re open to suggestions if you’ve got any.

Anyway, we’re getting Rory a passport. You know, just in case.  Even if we don’t use it, I am sure we will bring him over the boarder sooner than later.

Here’s his passport mug shot.  It took 30 minutes to get one shot where he wasn’t laughing, pointing, clapping, waving, looking down, looking up, looking sideways, or smiling his ridiculous toothy grin.  When did they make the rule about not smiling in passport pictures anyway?  It’s ridiculous if you ask me.

Customs will have to settle for this smirk, and his bad hairdo.  I didn’t wear make up in my new picture. Maybe the horror of mine will distract them.


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