Sunday, June 12, 2011

An anniversary at home

This weekend marks one year on Baltic Avenue! Can you believe it?!  It feels like we have been here forever, and just got here all at the same time.  Last year on this very weekend we were moving.  I can't even bring my mind to reminise about it. It was way too stressful, and we cut it WAY too close. We thought we had LOTS of time before our baby was to arrive. Little did we know that he would arrive 19 days early!

Anyway,  one year later and we love this house even more than when we first moved in. Owning a home that was built in 1918 has given us some interesting challenges, but the quirks make this house even more ours.

So to celebrate a year here, we've been giving our backyard a makeover!  About three weeks ago we ripped up all the grass in the backyard and re-sodded with beautiful thick rich looking grass.  And if the silly racoons ever stop pulling it up, it's gonna be amazing out there.  Yea it's small, but in Toronto even having grass is a luxury, so we're making the most out of what we have.

We have some pretty new planters, and some spectacular edging around our gardens now too.

Today... Peter and our brother-in-law Rob, are tackling a deck makeover. We need some serious rebuilding done on the stairs down to the grass, and the lattice on our deck is being replaced with something safer for the little toes that like to climb it.  I will post pictures when we're done.

Rory is loving the new backyard. We haven't cut the grass yet  because you're supposed to wait a while with sod, so it's a bit like a jungle out there, so we play explorer.

Oh... and I almost forgot, just in time to celebrate our anniversary here on Baltic Ave, Rory took his first real steps this weekend!!


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