Friday, June 10, 2011

I really don't like the subway

3 weeks in and I can tell you, it's getting no better, I definitely despise the subway. Judge me if you want, but I have never really commuted by subway to work. And you know what, the decade of morning and evening rush hour chaos I have missed on the TTC, is A-OK with me. In fact, I am absolutely sure the rudest, smelliest, most un-compassionate people take the subway. And while we're talking about it - Hey buddy... ya you, get up off your big bum and give the pregnant woman in front of you your seat. And you right there, you have enough cologne on to choke a country, let alone this subway car. And you mam', eating McDonald's on a car this packed is just disgusting, and while we're talking, turn your ear phones down, no one needs to listen to Rage Against the Machine this early in the day.

Whew. I feel much better getting that off my chest.

So here's my pretty lame update. Things are good! Being a working mamma isn't that bad. Work is busy, I feel I am adding value, the nice weather makes the days fly by, and Rory and Daddy are doing super well at home.

Aside from that, Rory is talking up a storm these days. It's so amazing to hear actual words come from his mouth. He's pretty much perfected Mum, Da Da, Hi and Bye Bye, and is working on a few other b-words. Like blue and ball and ba ba (which is his bottle of course). When I start to sing "Old MacDonald" he immediately makes a mooing sound, because I always start with a cow - ha ha. And oh, he without a doubt now says ELMO!!!  It's hilarious a fury red character has made the list of my kid's first words.   Hilarious and probably foreshadowing temper tantrums ahead. Ugh.

Peter now controls much of what happens in Rory's day and that has been great for all of us. Mum Mum has taken the reigns on evening bath and story time, and aside from Rory trying to do acrobatics in the tub, it's fun times.

Happy Friday!

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