Sunday, June 26, 2011

Party Party

We had the first of two 1st birthday parties for our son Rory this weekend. He's such a lucky kid having family in two different cities... and it also lives true to his pa's preference of celebrating the 'birth month' vs. the 'birth day'.   The rain held off, and we had a great day with friends, family and neighbors in our backyard. It was perfect.

A super special thank you to everyone that made the trip to our home to help us celebrate and also for the very thoughtful presents.

As the Counting Crows so poetically once said. Hold onto these moments as they pass....

 Super awesome Sesame Street cake and cupcakes by Joanna's Cakes
Rory's Guest of Honour
 Birthday Boy prepping for the day
Party Oasis
 Our transformed, albeit tiny backyard.
Oh Toronto... we made the most of the space for the party though!
Cousin love all the way from Almonte
 Grill it Daddy!
 Here we go... cake time!
The be-heading of Elmo... and special guest Hunter from Cobourg
Yum Elmo tastes so good.
 Yummmmm, mommy buys delicious cakes.
Enjoying new little people farm with Jenna and Nate. THANK YOU!
A very happy birthday!
 And finally... a birthday bongo from mom and dad. He has his whole life to get more use beyond the 20 minutes he loved it hard the first day.

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