Monday, June 20, 2011

Celebrating DA-DA

 Rory without a doubt loves his Da-Da.

And if we’re keepin’ score (but we’re not reeeaallllllllyyy), he may even love him just a
tiny bit more than his Ma-Ma these days. 

I am tough, I can admit it.  And I also get it.  This Da-Da is indeed the crème de la crème.

This weekend we took a moment to celebrate Peter being the amazing dad that he is.  For a moment anyway.  Because that deck project I talked about... has dragged on a BIT longer than we anticipated.  Like everything does when you start a Reno. Ugh.

But, what else could be more appropriate on Father’s Day than a father-son trip to Home Depot? Nothing.  And Peter got a brand new drill out of it, so he wasn’t complaining. 

We did manage to get our bikes out for the first time for a ride, and Rory loves his new bike seat and even keeps his helmet on. Here's to a long summer of lazy weekends biking around the city together.

There is definitely something about these holidays when you’re a parent, that makes you miss and love your parents even more, isn’t there?

Sending love to all the dads out there. Especially my own.

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