Monday, July 11, 2011

Well this is new

Last night I left my husband and baby at my parents home, got on a train, and traveled 4 hours back to our home in Toronto.  Peter and Rory are hanging out at my parents house in Almonte for a few extra days to maximize their time in the country air, and also their time with the cousins. Including sweet sweet Noa.  Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?

We had a great weekend in Almonte. The 1st birthday party (round 2) was great. Lots of family and friends stopped by, and my sister made the most incredible Elmo cake. This girl was determined not be out done by the cupcakes I commissioned for Rory’s Toronto party.  And she succeeded. Get a load of this...

So..... the real BIG news is that I am ALL BY MYSELF until Wednesday. I am calling it a working mamma’s staycation.   What on earth will I do with myself with all this time alone?  Do I even remember what it was like to live alone? To be alone?  To sleep alone? To drink alone. Kidding.   Who knows... But I will give it a good go to find out.

I started texting my girlfriends at 730am today to start making plans. So I am just a TINY bit eager.
I will miss my boys like crazy, but this time for me will be great.

Here's a few things I have realized already though...

1. A house is not a home (not that I didn’t know that). But it’s SO SO SO quiet.  

2. Peter does a lot at our house during the week that is very time consuming that I most likely don’t give him enough credit for. (I.E  - laying sod back down in the morning that the f*5king racoons continually dig up every night. Oh,  and turn sprinkler on to water daily.  And at some point this week I even have to take the garbage and recylcing out. Peter thinks I don’t know how. Which I don’t. Well, I have never done it. Yet. (keep in mind I was within days of having a baby when we moved in and the first year here has been spent with a growing baby). So there. Anyway, how hard can it be to drag a few containers to the curb? I will let you know Wednesday. Or Tuesday?  Better double check that.)

3. Peter has our lights on a timer for when we're away.  Who knew. And when our bedside lamp came on all by itself at 6am this morning it freaked the hell out of me.  For a good ten minutes I was convinced our house was haunted. Then I vaguely remembered the timers. Thank God. Or I would have been looking for a place to stay tonight.

    Have a great week!

    FYI - A teething baby loves a cob of corn.

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