Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why am I having such a tough time with this?

Because my kid is not.having.trouble.with.this.   The black eye and head dive from yesterday apparently has long been forgotten and Day 2 of daycare transition was a huge success. My child jumped out of his dad's arms, and according to Peter "didn't even look back".  He was fine. So fine in fact, the care giver in Rory's room told Peter he could leave for a couple of hours.  This typically doesn't happen on day 2.

So Rory is having a great day playing, exploring, "letting anyone pick him up with no issue", and even "ate his curried chickpea and pasta lunch with great gusto"... and I have to take a walk at lunch because I am again fighting back tears.


Is it that I don't feel he's ready for this?

Or maybe it is more... that he is SO ready for this.

Is it not crazy that in one year they can just get up and walk away from you and not look back?  Have I just been replaced by a sandbox, water table, and several lightly used riding toys?

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