Monday, July 25, 2011

Day One Daycare Transition– A Rough Start

Today was day one of my child's day care transition. For real this time. We all slept poorly. I am just so sad and nervous about sending Rory to daycare. Regardless of how awesome a daycare is/can be, in my heart of hearts I really just wish that one of us could be at home with him. In many ways I just don’t feel it’s right that kids, babies really,  have to go spend the day with strangers when they are so young.  What are we to do though?  Move to the country?

I wish. Don’t get me started.

Anyway, we all know that these transitions are way harder on parents then they are on kids. And I am like a text book mommy-wuss when it comes to stuff like this. Thank God for the most part, my husband Peter will be responsible for drop offs and that we have a kid who loves new people and new places. In fact, he got so excited to see so many toys and other kids to play with, that he tripped and fell and went head first into a toy chest after being in the daycare for less than 30 seconds. 

Amazing. Like I wasn’t emotional enough already.  He was fine/is fine, aside from his first real shiner. Mommy on the other hand almost called in sick to work. Head dives into furniture so early on a Monday very easily reduced me to tears.  Honestly, when does this overly emotional stuff end?  When I left he was pretty happy. Or, maybe he thought this car would get him outta there?

On a related but less dramatic note, my Mable's Labels order finally arrived. Thank you Canada Post.  You have to label like everything for daycare... At first I was slightly underwhelmed by the size of the package I got, but realized this weekend when I was labeling pretty much everything Rory owns... We got what we need.  And how cute are these things anyway? I almost want to order some for myself. 

Let's hope day 2 goes better.

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