Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making a point

This morning our daycare provider called me a "nervous mommy" and Peter a "calm daddy". And then she went on to explain that the transition time is more often about the parents than it is for the kids.

Point made Margaret.  

She also offered to connect me with another mom who has a son that is 15 months (2 months older than Rory) so I could talk to her about their transition time and any concerns I have.  Again, the power of the mommy network is so awesome... even as daycare starts.

Margaret also told me I could call as often as I want.

Which I did. At 10:30. And Rory was sleeping like a good baby.

So, as the week has rolled on, things actually have been really great. Without a doubt my child loves his daycare and his mommy is beginning to relax. So I can stop blogging about it now.

One thing is for certain, I may need to step up my cooking and baking skills to compete with daycare. This kid isn't getting home-made banana loaf at home.

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