Thursday, June 3, 2010

Don’t Blink Yet

  Is it Friday yet? And are these renos over yet? If not, wake me up when they are.

This trip home to Almonte could not have come at a better time. We need a break. Two people can only make so many trips and deal with so many sales people from Home Depot, IKEA and Future Shop in one week.  I am embarrassed to tell you how many car trips, website visits and phone calls we have made to these companies.  Way too many this week alone.  Way too many last night alone.  Our over the range microwave doesn’t fit. Surprise Surprise. And the wonderfully helpful sales guy from Future Shop who treated us like gold while we bought our appliances a month ago, was a total ass*ole about it yesterday.  Also not a surprise, he made me cry. I may feel fabulous (despite the swelling) but tears come pretty easily these days.  So  I called to see what options we had in terms of another microwave or a hood and he immediately told me it wasn’t his fault that I didn’t measure properly and because we bought a “package” we would owe all kinds of other money for the other pieces in the package if I returned the microwave.  I didn’t even MENTION returning the microwave. I am HEARTBROKEN that it doesn’t fit.  I just wanted help figuring out what to do.  WTF. Anyway, Peter brought it back last night out of principle of making his wife cry and walked out of there with a full return and no up charge on the other appliances.  All I will say, is sometimes tears and pregnancy are a powerful combination. 

What a Jerk.

And who knew that when you buy an IKEA kitchen as a PACKAGE they don’t give you the WALL brackets to install the WALL cabinets to the WALLS in said PACKAGE. Because “not everyone chooses to use our brackets, and no it’s not a common question from our kitchen specialists to ask if you’re going to need them. You should know”.  Well I didn’t know. So add two more trips to IKEA in one day to sort that out.  This is after we already drove there two times to pick up items they FORGOT to include in our PACKAGE.  You know small things like the LEGS for the cabinets.

And to be honest, I really can’t say anything bad about Home Depot. Well, except I hate their self serve check outs. They don’t work, and EVERYONE ends up needing help anyway and getting super frustrated in the process. Other than that, being open until MID-NIGHT has actually been helpful to us, and they matched the very expensive Farrow and Ball paint colour that I fell in love with for our kitchen to their much more budget friendly Behr brand and it’s an EXACT match. And it’s beautiful.

Whew. I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks. Renos aren’t fun, but you know what will be.... Cooking in my new home for my new family will be. Holding my baby and my husband in my new home will be, and inviting all you over to see the hard work and changes that have passed since we took possession of our home in early May will be.  And that my friends is the prize we have our eyes on.

Almost there.

So back to going home this weekend. Home. It’s funny I still call it that.  The truth is, in ways, Almonte is always going to be home.  You can have two homes right?  Sure you can.

So as we drive out of Toronto on Friday afternoon we’re leaving all of this behind us. Literally.  Because as of next week, we’re moving INTO our new home.  So as Peter likes to say... Now that I have vented for an ENTIRE blog post, it’s all PAST TENSE and time to move on.  MOVING on. :)

Can’t wait to see all of you this weekend.  It’s been too long since we have been home.


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