Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home is where our crib is

Wow. Things have been B-U-S-Y.  Scott and Scott (our contractors) have been working away during the day at our home to finish their part of our reno, just as fast as their hands and legs can move.  Not only are they doing a great job with the renovation details, but they are doing an excellent job dealing with my pre-baby anxiety and heightened nesting emotions (more on that later).  The demo day was probably easier than dealing with my changing moods these days. Ask Peter.

But things are really coming together, and this baby has been a real trooper as I have tried to work my way through a week of painting almost every night. Today... We finished. HOORAY! Everything we need to paint before we move in, is done. That feels great. I can feel tears of joy from my swollen feet.

You know what else we did today?!  We set up the baby’s crib. My wonderful mom and dad drove all the way from Almonte for the day to bring down a truck load of baby gear (thank you Stephanie, Brian, Jenna & Nate for the wonderful hand-me-downs that we will cherish) and to help us set it all up.  It is literally the FIRST piece of furniture in our new home. I told you the baby’s room would be my priority. The room isn’t done. It isn’t even close to be done. But having a crib set up, a change table and a rocking chair all ready and waiting makes me feel better.  THANK YOU MOM & DAD!!!


So the truth is, we were told at our last two doctor’s appointments that our baby boy is breech. At one point he was head down, but the last two appointments... He has been head up.  As time ticks by the window sort of starts to close for him to move positions but we’re of course hopeful he will continue shifting. I feel him moving... Moving like crazy, all the time. So you never know. We have an ultra-sound booked for this week to verify his position and then it’s quite possible we’re going to start preparing ourselves for what could happen if he doesn’t shift.  And that news, given to us about 3 weeks ago has had my anxiety level rising. 

It would seem this baby is going to continue to call his own shots, including his birth day (being around the anticipated due date or two weeks before), and his chosen mode of arrival into this world.

Anyway, we’re in the home stretch. Next weekend we head home to Almonte for what will be our last trip before we officially become a family of three. We’re looking forward to our first weekend in what feels like forever with out anything to do at the house.  Maybe I can get the paint out of my hair before we head home.


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  1. Loving the blue stripe! Beautiful canvas.... xo