Saturday, May 8, 2010

A very T-I-R-E-D appreciation for Moms

Wow... 9pm and it’s lights out. While 9pm is in fact not a record for the earliest I have put myself to bed while pregnant (sadly, it’s not even close), I have quite literally already fallen asleep at least a half dozen times today. It’s been a BUSY couple of days.

Mom & Steph arrived into Toronto for a visit late Thursday night with Jenna and Nate in tow. Wide eyed and giggly as they were (up WELL PAST their bedtime of 630-7pm), I picked the four of them up at 10:45pm in front of Union Station. I took one look at my sister and was happy I had stopped at the liquor store and splurged on some nice wine for her. She too was VERY happy for the wine, but particularly grateful for my mom who decided just a few weeks ago that Stephanie was overly ambitious (MAJORLY ambitious) to think she could go it alone with her two year old and a four year old on an evening train from Smith Falls to Toronto. Alone = Crazy. One glass of wine down... And I believe she was only able to mutter this... “Had I been alone, I would have been off in Kingston”.  God bless her for being a brave mom. Very brave.

My niece and nephew are the two biggest loves of my life to date, aside from Peter of course.  They have boundless energy, boundless love, say the funniest things, and god they are cute. Super cute. But for the holy love of sweet christ are they busy.   And in a 800 square ft apartment, on a couple of rainy cold days in Toronto, two kids completely off their schedule having stayed up HOURS past their bedtime and up at 6am the next day... Well, you can imagine that I was simply no match for them. 7 1/2 months of pregnancy showed it’s true colours.  EXHAUSTION.

But we had fun. Lots of fun!!! And I am super glad they came down for a visit. Time is ticking by, and as I approach 32 weeks pregnant moments like we had over the last 48 hours are truly going to be few and far between. Besides being home in June for Adam & Kelly’s stag and doe and my shower, this will be one of the last times I see my family before the big BIRTH DAY. And if I am super honest, we (and by we, I mostly mean me), needed a distraction from the self absorption of our own lives (pregnancy, baby prep, house prep, baby prep, mat leave prep, reno prep, house prep, house prep, house prep... etc etc etc).

And that I got.

So what did we get up to??  Well, let’s see. We watched two movies (like 3 times each), we visited Riverdale Farm (Nate did that twice too), we went to the Science Center (which was super fun), we ate burgers, we ate banana pancakes, we ate grill cheese sandwiches, we went to the park, we painted, we coloured, we sang and danced, we listened to Peter play guitar, we listened to records, we slept (sort of), and we drank coffee and wine. Lots of coffee and wine (well, I didn’t drink wine, but I dreamt of drinking wine).

I didn’t say it to my mom and sister while they were here, but I hope they both know... On the eve of Mother’s Day, that I love them very much, and they are my two biggest inspirations as I grow closer and closer to becoming a mom to my very own.  Thank you for being here for me and thank you for making the trip to see us. Now lights out.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!
This song is for my niece and nephew.

K, P and our +1

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