Monday, May 24, 2010

It has been a LONGGGGGG Weekend

A very long weekend indeed, but a very productive one.  I am actually probably too tired to blog right now, but as the fireworks sound outside our Cabbagetown apartment and the Habs/Flyers game winds into the last 2 minutes on tv, this mamma is truly BEYOND ready for bed but I would be sad if I didn’t close out this weekend with some notes on all the happened.

Friday night prep kicked off what would turn into a weekend of work for Peter and I. We made what was our first of MANY trips to Home Depot. We went to the grocery store and brought our BBQ to Baltic Ave, all in prep for what was to come this weekend.

A great deal of work was to come... Jobs and details that we need to work our way through before we move, and will never be completed without the help of family and friends. Thankfully, we were blessed to have a number of people come over the long weekend to lend us a hand.  I will admit, there was a point last week where I was so full of anxiety about everything we need to accomplish in the mere SIX WEEKS we have before out baby arrives, that I couldn’t sleep.  With each passing day this weekend, my anxiety has lessened a little bit and for the first time I think I am seeing real glimpses that 42 Baltic Avenue will one day be home.

I have special thank yous for Lisa, Lainey, Steve, Margaret, Don and Phil who all came down on Saturday to help us with a day full of painting, yard work and carpet cleaning.  And to Cedar and Seth who joined us on Sunday and helped us sand and paint our baseboards, the stairs, and install a plate rail in the baby’s room that turned out to be FAR more complicated that I anticipated. Sarah Richardson sure makes things seem more simple than they are. You were all amazing to spare a day over your long weekend to help us out!

I am covered in paint head to toe. Literally I am. I backed into a fresh painted wall today and covered my ponytail. I also ache everywhere. My energy amazed even me this weekend. I painted on ladders for hours, I washed floors on my hands and knees, and I carried boxes of cabinets to organize them (I know mom, I shouldn’t).  The truth is... In my effort to nest, I sometimes forget I am pregnant.  And then when I stop, even for 10 minutes, my body reminds me. It reminds me that no matter how urgent I feel the need to complete our nest, what will be, will be and my body has more important things going on. And probably most significant of all my realizations, when I was sitting with Peter on our back deck tonight, I was reminded that it just takes US to make it home.

Sending love out to all that helped us this weekend. And also to Josie, John and Baby Evan who had their first few days together at home this weekend.


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