Monday, May 17, 2010

Showered with love

This weekend's ongoing reno chaos and mad dash to prepare for our +1's arrival was marked by two moments of pure loveliness. The first was the pre-natal massage my wonderful husband surprised me with last week (booked for early saturday morning) and the other was the incredible shower that was hosted by Sarah & Margaret (Peter's mom and sister) in Peterborough.

We arrived to Peterborough at noon on Sunday, and were immediately greeted with this fantastic sign prepared on the Shaughnessy front lawn. Peter's mom Margaret is know for her sign making and this one was certainly one of the more elaborate ones we have seen. Undoubtedly prepared with much love and anticipation as the excitement grows for the baby's arrival.

A wonderful group of Peterborough family and friends (Peter's aunts, cousins, cousin's children, and some local friends) were present to enjoy a sunny day of laughter, chatter, delicious food, and to give our baby the most wonderful showering of Shaughnessy/Peterborough love I think we could have asked for.  The generosity of the gifts, the hugs, and the warm words of loving advice have truly touched us and have helped us get one step closer to feeling prepared for the arrival of our baby.

A special thank you to Margaret who has been preparing non-stop for Sunday's shower with the love and special attention to detail only a grandma knows and feels. We appreciate very much all the work and details that you put together to make such a beautiful party happen in your home.  And also to Sarah who did not miss a single detail in her preparation for this day. Every detail filled with her love...  check out those fruit shapes on the skewers!! I think you inspired everyone, but especially the three of us.

We love you very much and this baby can't wait to meet you all!


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