Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And that’s all she wrote

So, I have officially been put on unofficial mat leave.  Irony at it’s best.  Six months into this pregnancy hearing the words “ you need to stop working” would have been like a dream.  But hearing them from my doctor’s mouth this morning you know what I did? I cried.  My blood pressure is too high. Consistently too high for a few weeks now. It needs to come down or I need to be INDUCED.


Ok, so I hear you now, all of you, it’s officially time to slow this show down a bit.

So as my eyes well up, she tells me that all her other patients WANT to be off work, and she tells me, and I CRY about it. So what is my issue?   I don’t know. Let’s not start counting them ok. Maybe things that just don’t go as I have planned make me cry, or maybe it’s partly that I do feel good, and I am actually really enjoying work right now so it’s sad I have to go early, or maybe she scared me a bit.  Probably the latter.   I guess the last several weeks have caught up to me. Stress has a weird way of telling your body when enough is enough. At least in my experience. So, it’s time. Time to take a load off and put my feet up.  Right after I finish this print shoot I am at today.

In all seriousness, tomorrow AM I have a meeting with HR to talk about everything and also with my boss to sort out how to transition my work to my team in a way that doesn’t totally reek havoc for them in the shortest amount of time possible. I know, I am so important eh?  Not at all, we're just short staffed. So I guess the point is making the “official unofficial” actually official as soon as possible. Eeeeeek.  Next week is the G20 summit, so I will likely do it from my couch. Commuting in downtown Toronto next week is going to be terrible anyway.

So there you have it. I am in official wind down. Doctor’s orders.  Mom is coming down tomorrow for the weekend to help me sort out the baby stuff (thank god).

I heard chocolate and Oprah is good for high blood pressure.

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