Monday, June 7, 2010

Blessed by loved ones

This weekend Peter and I and our +1 travelled home to Almonte for a weekend of family and friends. We had an extremely wonderful and FULL weekend of activity and were able to see a TON of loved ones. Given this was our last big trip before the baby arrives, we feel extremely fortunate we were able to spend it visiting with so many people.

Friday night was Adam & Kelly’s jack and jenny. Adam and Kelly are two of our favourite people (and musicians) and they are very much in love. Look at these faces.... 

Peter and I couldn’t be happier for them (Adam is the reason why Peter and I are together and they both sang me down the aisle and our first song at our own wedding). Their party was a huge success and a good indication of the main event that is to come this summer.  Their wedding is the weekend of August 14th and it will be our first big outing once the baby arrives! And (hopefully), the first big outing for our little guy and this mamma after child birth. It will undoubtedly be one of the summer highlights!!

On Saturday, my dear friends Jessica and Tracy arrived from Toronto for the weekend chez Raycroft. They came all the way just to help celebrate my baby shower with the rest of the Almonte crew on Sunday! We had a great lazy day of just meandering around Almonte, shopping at Blackbird and visiting with family and friends. On Saturday night Sarah and Chad joined us in Almonte for a visit (it’s been a while since we have had a quality one with them) and a hottub! Always so wonderful to see them and their yummy mango delicacies.

Sunday was the incredibly special shower that my sister and mom have been planning for me.  I am really blessed to have the women I do in my life. If any of you have met my sister, you know she is a wonder.  She loves the details, she loves a party, and she is an INCREDIBLE cook. This party was no exception, it was a baby-to-be masterpiece.  I know Stephanie  and my mom had help from many of my aunts (Patricia did the desserts) and lots of my mom’s sisters helped with set up and other details, but it was my mom and sister Stephanie who pulled out the show stoppers like this diaper cake, and this incredible spread of the most delicious food. Check this out... 

My dear friend Emily also did what she does best and got her craft on with the crowd. She had everyone at the shower stenciling personalized quilt squares that she is going to sew into a quilt for the baby! How wonderful!!! What a special idea that she cooked up with my sister. Something I know we are going to absolutely cherish.

We were blessed with so many wonderful gifts, some hand made and all that had a lot of love and thought put into them. Thank you so much for the wonderful shower for our baby to be.

And finally... Our trip home wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to see our favourite new parents and little man. After the shower we finally were able to find some quality time to spend with Josie, John and Baby Evan.  What a special little family. Josie and John are glowing, Evan is growing and so precious that you will want one just like him upon first glance.  We love you guys and can’t wait to spend more time together when we’re home with our new addition!

This week is MOVING WEEK! Hooray!  This family has a home and we will fill it with all the wonderful gifts and love you have given to us. Xoxoxo

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  1. it was truly an amazing time in the valley, as it always is. thanks everyone for your many kindnesses.