Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Picture Round Up!

So, since I don't post pictures on facebook anymore, I thought I would do a wee picture round up for lack of anything else to write about.

My mom is here this weekend...which means Peter and I have a long overdue and awaited evening on the town Saturday.  And afternoon massages. CAN. NOT. WAIT.!!  Which means I will probably be home in bed by 10pm. Oh,  and we're off to a bunch of Christmas parties including one for the kids at my office. The very dangerous big orange slide should prove to be a very interesting obstacle to keep my child off of I am sure.

Watching YouTube videos before daycare

Sleeping in the car before daycare, 
proving he in fact does not want to go, or care about mommy's early meeting.
 Modeling new winter boots with daddy.  
Once these are on his feet (which he can put on by himself), 
it's a FIGHT to get them off.
 You know, just laying around throwing a temper tantrum. 
Yes indeed, the "two's" are JUST around the corner.

Playing around while daddy test drives his new car.
This ball cost us 4.00 and he carries it EVERYWHERE!
He can pick out most of the animals and their sounds too.

Christmas Tree is up!! 
Rory is learning to be "gentle" with the branches, ornaments, and presents underneath.
Definitely a work in progress, sorry if your gift looks mangled this year.
And also learning all about Santa and when he is coming to town. 
In this particular case, he's introducing Santa to Thomas.
There is a lot going on in this picture. 
Including evidence of a much needed hair cut.
Learning about the advent calendar. 
And wondering where the heck the chocolate is.
Four stockings hung with care this year!

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