Sunday, November 20, 2011

Simple Things

After what seems like a long stretch of ridiculous busy-ness, we finally had a quiet weekend to ourselves.  Long overdue and much needed. You know... I seem at some point to have forgotten I am pregnant. Twenty two weeks pregnant actually. I would be lying if I wasn't honest about the toll the last month has taken on my body.  Selling a house is WAY more work than I bargained for. I am exhausted. Actually, I need a new word for exhausted because I am so bloody exhausted.

On Friday at my doctor's appointment I actually told my doctor that I don't think I have the energy to make it through the next 18 weeks.  Dead-panned, she asked what I thought I should do about that, and I told her that I really could only think of one way. "Well, I think I should keep being angry at the world and sleep straight through xmas and hope the new year looks brighter."   Kidding, Kidding.  For a moment she did think I was serious. I then told her that I need to hit the gym in a big bad way to get some more energy, and she of course was very supportive.  In fact, if I want to avoid another round of pre-eclampsia and other pregnancy complications I am already feeling, it's probably actually the only answer.   Me and my big mouth.

So far so good... And what, it has been like a whole two days. ha. So wish me luck getting there tomorrow morning ok?

We had a great weekend with Rory.  This kid has been SUPER patient with the lack of undivided attention lately. But you know... he's pretty easy to please these days. He teaches us every day that life really is all about the simple things, and he doesn't need anything too complicated to make him happy.

For instance, sometimes a large package of toilet paper makes the best seat to read for a while.

That contrary to popular belief sometimes the package IS just as good as the inside. This is one of Rory's xmas gifts. He sits and stares at the pictures on the side of the box everyday and then climbs on top as if he is riding the real tricycle inside.  Sometimes your imagination is way better than the real thing anyway.
That in a room full of toys, a guitar is still always better.

That a $3.00 broom can make a kid THIS happy.
And a sunny November day in the park can make a whole family smile like this.

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