Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where have YOU been?

Oh, just kicking around down here while you do a million other things. Remember me? Your growing little baby?  How about I send you a little bout of severe nausea to remind you that I am down here hanging around?  K, mamma?

Message received little one. Message received.

20 weeks... can you even believe it?  Me neither.  Aside from the ridiculous nausea (and the return thereof), this already is the BEST BABY EVER. You hear that little one???  I can call you the best baby if your brother is now a toddler, right? BEST BABY.

I know you're putting up with a lot right now, but it's all to make a wonderful life for you and your older bro. Just you wait, you're going to love what we're setting up for you.

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