Friday, November 25, 2011

Me and my second trimester are fighting

You know if my kids ever do actually read this blog I am sure my second born is going to wonder why I have written so little about being pregnant. It's a fair question. And while there is a lot of truth to the statement 'it's different with your second',  I actually really hate that women default to saying stuff like that.  Yes, this pregnancy is totally different, but for what it's worth  it's actually different (aside from the almost 6 months of puking I have endured) in a lot of great ways. For instance, I actually feel MORE excitement and LESS anxiety this time around. I think I just know what to expect. I know how to be a mom, I am excited about holding our newborn vs. worried I am going to break it.  And you just get on with it you know? The world stops less often for you when you're pregnant with your second, if you can understand that.  :) And you get way less massages from your husband. For the record.

So here's what IS the same though. For whatever reason I do not get along with my second trimester. I remembering counting down the DAYS with Rory until my second trimester started with a child like excitement built from promises of "your second trimester is like the honeymoon of being pregnant".  Those days didn't show their happy little face until my 3rd trimester.  I am definitely on the same train with baby #2.  Pregnancy bliss awaits in the new year. I just know it.

Until then, here is an update.  We've decided NOT to find out/tell you what we're having.  I know, aren't you shocked?   So here's why, the day of our anatomy exam was hectic. I went into emergency with bad stomach pain in the morning and ended up learning I had a cyst that had burst.  Which if you're curious, feels just like you're having a baby or passing a kidney stone.  Without drugs.  So I had been up all night and by the time our ultra-sound actually happened, I had already spent 4 hours in the emergency room at Mount Sinai with some freak running around with tuberculosis that they couldn't quarantine.  You can just imagine the mood I was in by the time I met Peter for our exam.   So let's just say our exam was less than I/we had hoped. The sonographer had a bedside manner that left A LOT to be desired and for a number of other reasons we just decided we would let the world know who we're adding to our family, when they arrive. There we have it.

I am off today. The flu is going around our office and I think I caught it.  You see - second trimester = fighting. The baby is kicking. I think they're telling me to cheer the heck up or to eat a cupcake. Probably a cupcake. :)

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