Monday, December 5, 2011

Ode to single moms

There have been some recent articles/surveys discussing single mom-ness lately, and those discussions have talked about partnered moms who feel like single moms because they carry the burden or the majority of the child rearing duties/details.  As you can imagine, the discussion has gotten kind of heated.  If you're a single mom or a partnered mom feeling like a single mom... whatever your case may be, I am just here to say that parenting alone is HARD.  Pure and simple. And with that I should also say that I do have an awesome partner and he is a fantastic dad.  We truly parent together, in every way. In 17 months of parenting the guy has never challenged a decision I have made about our child once.  We just talk it out. We may come to a different conclusion after some discussion, but I definitely feel supported, appreciated, and that we share the role of "parent".

Until today.

Peter is gone for the WHOLE week, and I am here alone with Rory. Really alone. Not a Gramma or a Grumpa in sight. I don't know how single moms do this. And you know, I am OK admitting that right now I am a overwhelmed mom. I have a lot on my plate. And yeah sure, I put it all there... this shouldn't surprise anyone. I apparently enjoy drinking of a fire hose. It's just my style. If I am not busy, I go crazy. And I go crazy when I am busy.  So what's a girl to do but find the right level of busy? Or crazy? Am I right?

Anyway, It all started off so well... we had a great night, we had a great morning, and drop off at daycare looked like it was going to be great as well, until Rory started projectile vomiting all over me. Fast forward through a day of trying to entertain a 17 month old who wants to do nothing more than to go outside (but it poured rain all day) and who has recently taught himself to climb over/up/on top of practically everything in our house. Pepper the day with a few conference calls that I couldn't get out of, a failed attempt at making sugar cookies together, and oh maybe the fact I am 6 months pregnant with a terribly sore back.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

We will get through this week. We WILL get through this week. We will. We will. Of course we will. And Peter will arrive home on Friday night just in the nick of time to save my sanity.

Just in the nick of time.

We did enjoy a fun weekend before Peter left for O-town including my work kid's xmas party. Check these shots out... we even all survived the big orange slide. Barely.
This photo proves I have over invested in striped pregnancy shirts. 
The legend that is Grip's Big Orange Slide
This was right before I yelled up "you're not seriously going to let him go by himself are you?"
This slide was NOT designed for kids. In fact, it was barely designed for humans.
Here WEEEEE go!

Mesmerized by balloon dogs.
Not so keen on Santa this year. 

Especially when nap time has been delayed for two full hours.
Just give me the gift already Santa, not another HO HO from you.

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