Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas Baby

Over the weekend we had a small get together with some of my mat leave mamma's and Rory's little girlfriends. It has been so fun to get together with these women every several weeks. It's funny to see how much these little ones have changed.  Even since we all got together at the distillery for Halloween they have changed. That day, collectively their favourite word was "NO!" and Sunday their collective favourite word definitely was "MINE!".   Too cute. Happily we successfully got them through our little holiday party without a fight and with minimal melt downs. What will Rory and I do without these girls?

Colouring with Ameila

Kissing Alexis. Rory is a tad aggresive with the kissing these days (gets it from his dad).  :)
Fire and cleaning patrol. Clearly it's love.

 Bonding over a mutal love of Elmo.
Holiday cookie monsters

Rory entertains the crowd on guitar.
Couldn't you just eat them?

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