Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Want to come over for a fall lunch date?

So we're putting away the highchair...

Since our transition to daycare, meal time has been fraught with discontent.  To be blunt, my child is super unhappy in his highchair and often extremely hard to convince to stay for long in the chair, and eat a proper meal. This has been going on for a month or so now, and it all culminated this weekend with a glorious (read - super super scary)  FALL out of a highchair onto his face/head at a friends cottage.

When we arrived home, I told my husband... "this thing has got to go".   Once the fall happened, I knew our highchair days were close to being over.

Rory's daycare seats the babies/toddlers at tables in little chairs that aren't too high off the ground and pull into a table of a similar height. They look sort of like this...

Recently I visited the daycare during meal time and I was pleasantly shocked at how well they all sit contentedly and eat for the ENTIRE meal.  The ECE (early childhood educator) told me that children (especially toddlers), like the independence of the chair/table and it makes it easy for them to push away from the table when they have had enough. They are in control.

How much control does a 14 month old need?  Apparently just enough.  On Sunday we assembled Rory's very own dining bistro (from IKEA).  It is a major success.

Happy meal times are here again.

We're accepting lunch dates.


  1. huh, that works?

    my toddler runs around kitchen and comes to the table for a bite of food here and there...

    then when we are finished, and his dad pretends to start eating my son's dinner, that is when my toddler comes back to the table, crawls up and eats contentedly...

    he is 2 years and 4 months...he has us trained well!

  2. It's definitely a work in progress. It works at the daycare!! If the kids leave the lunch table they remove their lunch. They told us it only takes once or twice for them to learn that their lunch will be gone if they leave the table. Sounds terrible... but so far it works. We take his plate away if he leaves (I give it back if he sits down). :)