Monday, August 8, 2011

Miracles do happen

and they call them housekeepers.

For my 32nd birthday, I bought myself a clean home. Not just a clean home... but a sparkling home. A home that doesn't even look like mine it is so clean. And I couldn't be more happy with my own choice of birthday gifts. Birthdays are meant to be indulgent right?

And I so wish someone had captured my face today when I opened my gift.  As I walked in our front door at 530pm, in the usual post work/daycare pick up race to feed my child... my own home stopped me dead in my tracks and took my breath away.  Every mom deserves that feeling. At least once. The feeling of pure unadulterated cleanliness JOY.  Like little cleaning angels came down from heaven and bestowed on me the cleanest home on the block. I almost cried. I am serious.

Honestly, sometimes happiness is THAT simple. Even if my kid threw his dinner all over my gleaming hardwood floors in less than 5 minutes of us being through the door (which did happen)... My clean home, regardless of how temporary, makes me the happiest mom on the block. Is that sad?

Jo Anna, you're an angel. 

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