Monday, August 15, 2011

Daycare Schmaycare

We're all over it.  Sort of.  But really, thanks for all the emails and advice, we're doing MUCH better (read - Mommy is getting the hang of things).

So where are we at?  Well, Rory cries for about 30 seconds when we drop him off in the morning. You know, just enough to rip my heart right out before I head off to work.  Then the routine is that I call when I get to my desk, to make sure he's all right (read - calm my nerves). And he's typically running around laughing his head off. 

So, life's good.  And I am blessed to have been given such an easy and happy baby.  Because as I am sure you will agree, it's become glaringly obvious that I likely couldn't have handled anything else.

So dramatic eh?  Would it really by my life without self created drama? Obviously not. :)

Here are some recent shots that daycare has sent to Peter and I.  They're good people.

Who wouldn't love a daycare that gives kids freezies?  He's not getting that stuff from mom, that's for sure.

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